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DreamKeepers See Fulfilled Dreams...

Growing up as a little boy, Martin Williams used to wonder with this one question in his mind, “What is everyone else thinking?” “What’s on everybody’s mind?” He was constantly thinking, curious about the longings and dreams of others. So often you walk past people who don’t even notice you because you can tell they are engulfed in thought. It did not take long for Martin to realize that thought is a great power. Most of his thoughts were what could be described as dreams, imaginations and fantasies of a better life.

At some point Martin accepted the fact that his curiosity about people’s dreams was actually his life’s assignment. So for the last 30 years Martin has dedicated his life to helping people discover their dreams.

Why is DreamKeepers...

After a period of time working with athletes, corporate professionals and others who desired more out of life Martin realized when inspiring these individuals to discover their dreams there was still something more needed to deploy dreams. If you only discover your dream and are not offered a process to develop it, you can never deploy your dream, causing it to be unrealized.

Thus the birth of DreamKeepers.

What is DreamKeepers...

DreamKeepers exists solely for the welfare of the human spirit. Its goal is to help every human being Discover, Develop, and Deploy their dreams and soul desires. DreamKeepers is a Culture of people that makes dreaming and keeping your dream a “most likely” outcome.

DreamKeepers encourages individuals and businesses to grow according to their dreams and not their present situations through live events, mentoring, coaching and consulting.

​Martin’s mission is to see a world filled with the manifested beauty of everyone’s dreams becoming reality.

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